Signature Focus - Nature by Design
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The Artist
I have been a photographer for the past 50 years photographing landscape and botanical images throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Florida and the western United States. My "Nature by Design" collection of images was created over the past 12 years. I approach nature photography as art with a sense of play, coupled with a spare but elegant design imperative.

Nothing is as beautiful or memorable as something you don't expect. While the outcome of my nature-based photo designs are anticipated the final result is often a real surprise. I describe this feeling as creating a moment best described by a James Taylor lyric: "wild with expectation on the edge of the unknown."

My goal is to create a dramatically heightened "zone of intimacy" with nature. This is a "perception zone" where recognition of surroundings is heightened, narrowed and focused. This "zeroed-in" way of observing nature allows us to casually concentrate our focus to see things in a more intimate and creative manner.

The Images
My nature photos are not made with a traditional camera. Instead, they are created using a modified digital scanning process - Scanography. My techniques embrace the limited depth-of-field of a flatbed scanner and its unusual ability to translate the quality of light not found using traditional digital camera based photography. The process results in images of delicate clarity along with a dramatically limited depth of field.

All images are for sale and custom printed in limited edition series. Prints are named, numbered and signed. Work can be printed on archival photo paper or canvas. Custom sizing is available. Contact Doug McLarty at for availability and pricing details.

All art represented on these pages are copyright Doug McLarty 2006 - 2020 and cannot be reproduced without the express written permission of the artist.